What People Are Saying

“You are getting rave reviews on your media training from our commanders! I truly appreciate you conducting this training for us! I believe our commanders will be much more
confident when speaking to the media thanks to you!” Chief John Hayden

St Louis Metropolitan Police Department

“Laura’s unique approach to her craft sets her apart from others and is the reason we have improved our communication with the media and community. She quickly assessed the way we do business then tailored her progressive communication strategies to ensure they took root and grew after her training sessions. She is passionate about helping officers and citizens connect!” Chief Skip Holbrook

Columbia, SC

Laura has trained every officer of every rank at our agency on how to build trust with our community. The training has also helped us establish better working relationships with the local media. She has continued to help us during critical incidents to ensure we keep our public informed without compromising officer safety. She is the best at what she does.

Deputy Chief Jeff Meyers

Fort Meyers Police Department

“Laura’s tenacity, journalistic values and her drive to be the best made her one of my top reporters in my newsroom. When she moved into the role of media relations, she helped reporters tell accurate and compelling stories about the police department. In my 30 years in broadcasting, she is one of the best media relations directors with whom I’ve worked.” Dave Ciliberti

News Director WFLA News Channel 8

“Laura was a great partner during Super Bowl XLIII and the 2012 Republican National Convention. She built an impressive media plan and it worked.”

Dave Couvetier

FBI Tampa Field Office

“Laura understands what it takes to generate valuable positive publicity for a company and an even greater asset is her ability to help consumers see the value in an outside the box product. Her training helped our company reached a new audience through social media.” Steve Toll

Owner/President ISM Seats

“Thank you so much your two outstanding days of Media Training! I have received more
positive feedback from this training than any we have offered in the past. Several commanders have personally called me raving about their experience.” Major Angela Coonce

St Louis Metropolitan Police Department

“Laura McElroy is the person you want at your side during a crisis. She excels under pressure and seems to see every perspective when dealing with a critical incident. Laura has the uncanny ability to frame an organization’s best interest within what is in the public’s best interest. She is a true professional of her craft. There is no doubt that the Tampa Police Department’s relationship with the media and the community was at an all-time high during her tenure with our agency.” Jane Castor

Tampa Mayor, Retired Chief

“Laura McElroy was unequivocally my best hire during my six years as Tampa’s Police Chief. She brought exceptional insight and a new perspective to the agency. She used that knowledge to build a bridge between police and the media and the community we served. She often managed to turn a negative incident into a positive for the agency. She would be a great asset to any organization.” Steve Hogue

Retired Tampa Police Chief

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