Crisis Training Exercises

Put Your Crisis Plan to the Test

We use highly qualified police trainer, Jared Douds to create a mock emergency at your company. The real life scenario tests every aspect of your response starting with the executives, supervisors, employees, security and public affairs. Research shows that higher mental function such as cognitive abilities often shut down or don’t function as well during extreme stress. By moving beyond the traditional table top programs to a hands-on physical exercise, you create a more automated response under pressure. We use a technique known as the OODA Loop (observe, orient, decide and act) to train your staff. This helps you have a faster, calmer and more effective response to a threat in the work place. Our trainer relies on his experience of creating the active shooter plan for a major city police department to design a version appropriate for your business. Our crisis training has helped prepare dozens of local businesses including the Hillsborough County School Board, Hillsborough Community College, David A. Straz Jr. Center and several major corporate security companies.


Leading Police Trainer

Owner: Mk-5 Tactical Services, LLC

Jared Douds designed, implemented and taught the “active shooter program” at a major Florida police department, where he has served for the last 21 years. This veteran instructor then tailored his course to help private businesses stay safe. The goal is to enable organizations to handle one of the most extreme forms of crisis and disruption. He has trained dozens of local organizations including the Hillsborough County School Board, all Hillsborough Community College campuses, the David A. Straz Jr. Center, the Tampa Downtown Partnership and numerous corporate security entities. As his department’s Training Director, he ensures over 1,000 officers are trained and certified in the latest policing strategies, tactics and technologies. Organizations from across the U.S. have tapped Jared’s expertise to provide training for their instructors. For Strategos International, he taught several high risk courses including “active shooter response” to law enforcement and military personnel from all over the world. He is considered a subject matter expert in the field and has conducted interviews with numerous major news media outlets.

For the 2012 Republican National Convention, Jared developed tactical curriculum and trained 4,000 law enforcement officers for the Crowd Management Team. He served as a Platoon Commander and Special Weapons Supervisor during the event. Jared also developed and implemented his agency’s “Mass Incident Response Team” as well as the department’s Street Tactics Programs and the Less-Lethal Weapons Programs. He is a master instructor in Firearms, Defensive Tactics, Street Tactics, Patrol Carbine, Low Light Tactics, Building Searches and countless other specialties.

As the owner and operator of Mk-5 Tactical Services, he provides a variety of advanced and specialized instruction to law enforcement, military, corporations, business and civic groups. Many courses are instructor level, certifying students to conduct training at their respective agencies. His partnership with McElroy Media Group adds a dimension of organizational preparedness for serious unanticipated events. The combination of organizational preparedness and media relations training ensures a comprehensive ability to manage potential crises.

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