We use all forms of Media to tell your story

Media RelationsNinety-three percent of people trust what they see on the news or read online versus paid advertisements. That statistic makes your online messaging critically important to the success of your company. The McElroy Media Group can help tell your story through a combination of its long standing media relationships or through content marketing in the form of social media posts, articles, blogs or videos. There are more than twelve million bloggers in the United States alone. We will help you identify what your customers are watching and reading and then engage that reporter or blogger to get your voice heard. The McElroy Media Group is a results-oriented partner in telling your story.

Media Training

The McElroy Media Group will help you develop compelling messages about your organization that build trust and credibility with your targeted audience. Through on-camera exercises, you will learn how to increase the chance of your key message ending up as your quote in the reporter’s story. Our classes show you how to redirect an interview and deal with questions when you don’t know the answer. We use proven techniques for addressing the “bad news” and answering the difficult questions. Practice your composure and see first-hand how important consistent composure is during the interview. You will learn how to use the media as a communications tool while building a valuable rapport with the local media.

Helping Law Enforcement Connect with its Community

Media Relations and Social Media Plans

Laura McElroy is uniquely situated to help law enforcement agencies improve their relationship with the citizens they serve. Her combination of experience as an award-winning reporter and a Communications Director for a major urban police department creates the understanding and skills needed to bridge the cultural divide between the two groups. She quickly assesses an agency’s Public Information office and then creates a communications plan that generates positive news coverage, expands the department’s social media reach and ultimately strengthens its relationships with the community.


All of training sessions begin with a comprehensive, interactive presentation on the concepts that help law enforcement commanders look at the media through a new lens. Next, we put your new skill set to the test with hands-on social media exercises or on-camera drills that help commanders prepare for worst case scenarios. The training provides commanders with the skills needed to stay in the driver’s seat of messaging about their next critical incident. Through Laura McElroy’s partnership with the Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs and CNA’s Institute for Public Research, she helps develop best practices for law enforcement agencies around the country. All of our training is designed to take an agency’s relationship with its community to the next level allowing citizens and officers to work side-by-side to improve their city.

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